Consortium Grants

Beneficiary: ScanoMed Ltd. 

Project title: Mapping the behaviour of biomarkers for microvascularisation using medical imaging nanoparticles
in a expert system environment

Amount of ERDF funding: HUF 331.706.253

Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.1-15-2015-00609

Funding rate: 64.19 %

Consortium partner: BBS Nanotechnolgy Ltd.

Project description: The project is directly linked to drug research and diagnostics. The purpose of the development is to create a multiparametric expert system environment. The expert system processes and uses the parameters given by modern imaging technologies (SPECT/CT, PET/CT, MRI) and other clinical examinations to gain an integrated evaluation method. ScanoMed Ltd. performs clinical diagnostic tests in two populations (obese- and diabetic patients), including traditional and non-traditional risk factors and imaging studies. In the first phase of project a quantitative SPECT technology is going to be developed for functional-testing of the central nervous system. In the second phase changes of microvascularization is going to be observed with targeted nanoparticle prototype (for angiogenic targeting) on diabetic and tumor carrier animal models. The project is implemented in Debrecen and ScanoMed Ltd. (consortium leader) is responsible for the development of an imaging diagnostic service supported by a multiparametric expert system. BBS Nanotechnology Ltd. (consortium partner) is responsible for the development of a narrow size distribution, biopolymer based, targeted nanoparticle prototype which contains chelator molecules can be labeled with radioisotopes.

Start date: 01.09.2016.
End date: 31.12.2018.

Beneficiary: ScanoMed Ltd. 

Project title: Complex technological development for launching a new radiochemical synthesis-activity at ScanoMed Kft.

Amount of funding: HUF 54.175.695

Project identification number: GOP-2.1.1-12/B-2013-0603

Funding rate: 50 %

Project description: In this project a complex molecular imaging service is going to be worked out by Scanomed Ltd. using the most modern and effective technology of today to take part in drug research. A radiochemical laboratory with a cleanroom and a preclinical laboratory with animal house are going to be installed. The radiochemical laboratory will be suitable for radioisotope-labeling and quality control of drug molecules for mainly preclinical examinations. The preclinical laboratory will be suitable to work under Europian Union Regulations with an advanced animal house and cameras of four modality (PET/MR, SPECT/CT).

Start date: 30.04.2014.
End date: 23.12.2014.