Owing to the advanced infrastructure of ScanoMed Radiochemistry Laboratory we can give helping hand in development of radiopharmaceuticals, answering of analytical questions and development of measuring methods. The laboratory is suitable for molecule design and synthesis, for labeling optimization and stability-investigation of intact molecules. Our radiochemistry laboratory is focusing on the application of generator isotopes, but our close cooperation with the Nuclear Medicine Department of University of Debrecen provides us the opportunity to work with cyclotron-produced isotopes. We keep track of commonly used- and novel radiopharmaceuticals to stand ready to provide up-to-date scientific results.


Radiochemical services:

  • Labeling and production optimization
  • Investigation of stability
  • High quality documentation of protocols
  • Analytical measurements with MS and UPLC


Labeling and production optimization




We design and synthetize chelator linked small molecules, peptides, nanoparticles and proteins according to the needs of our customers. The chemical structure and purity are defined with the aid of our UPLC-MS system and the product is purified by a semi-preparative HPLC. Before the biological examinations we optimize the radiolabeling conditions (temperature, reaction time, pH, ligand concentration, buffer type etc.) in order to maximize the specific activity and radiochemical purity. Moreover during the labeling procedure we always try to keep the ligand concentration as low as possible to decrease the consumption of the (usually expensive) ligand.



We are able to work with a wide scale of radioisotopes depending on our customers’ choice. We have an ITG 68Ge/68Ga isotope generator, an in-house built 44Ti/44Sc generator and 99Mo/99mTc generators providing us sufficient amount of activity of 68Ga, 44Sc and 99mTc for both preclinical and clinical examinations. Beyond all of these, we work with cyclotron-produced isotopes like 18F, 11C and 44Sc. We also have experience in working with therapeutic isotopes like 177Lu, 223Ra, 123/131I, 90Y, 153Sm and 166Ho.



We have a Comecer class “A” dispensing hotcell, three synthesis cells and an isolator for the introduction of raw materials. The hotcells are located in a class “C” cleanroom that makes it possible to work under GMP compliant conditions. In the hotcells we there is a Scintomics GRP system is which is a cassette based synthesis module, designed for GMP compliant preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for human diagnostic use. It supports 68Ga labelling with a wide range of different precursors.