Clinical Studies

From Biomarkers to Teranostics: The future perspectives using radiolabelled molecules

The revolution of molecular medicine provides opportunity to understand human physiology and patophysiology on the cellular and molecular level. The role of nuclear medicine in molecular medicine including imaging and personalised management of patients has been increasing in the past decades. Multimodality imaging (PET/SPECT/CT/MRI) with its high resolution and sensitivity provides accurate functional and metabolic characterization of lesions based on the available biomarkers. However, to find the „ideal biomarker” is still challenging. „Ideal biomarker” is invaluable in patient treatment management in terms of early detection, staging, therapeutic decision, as well as monitoring therapy response and follow-up. Taking into consideration the promise and limitation of recently applied radiolabelled biomarkers in clinical practice we are committed to look for novel targets, radioisotopes, radiomolecules with our cooperative partners,  that can be a potential theranostic beyond biomarkers in future research.

As the cooperative partner of globally well-known Medical and Health Science Centre of the University of Debrecen, Scanomed Debrecen is one of the largest and most modern nuclear medicine centers in Middle-Europe. It is the only center in the region where traditional isotope diagnostic methods and the newest diagnostic technologies such as PET-CT, SPECT-CT and the isotope therapeutic facilities can be found.

Phase II-IV clinical investigations: We have a long term experience in human phase II-IV studies mainly in oncological, immunological, cardiological field in strong cooperation with clinicians. We have been working on clinical research studies with almost 20 pharmaceutical companies.



ScanoMed in Clinical Trials

We participate in the following ongoing clinical trials (for more information please visit ):

Amgen 20060359
Quintiles BO21005
Quintiles BO21223
Quintiles C14012
Corelab C25003
Janssen-Cilag Kft. PCI-32765MCL3002
Janssen-Cilag Kft. PCI-32765DBL3001
Synarc MOR208C201
Corelab SGN35-014
Gilead GS-US-312-0115
Gilead GS-US-313-0124
Gilead GS-US-312-0123
Gilead GS-US-312-0133
Quintiles CD-ON-MEDI-551-1088
Infinity Pharmaceuticals IPI-145-07
Infinity Pharmaceuticals IPI-145-08
Novartis CLEE011A2301
Novartis CLEE011F2301
INC Research  MYL-HER_3001
Novartis CMEK162B2301
ICON Aramis_3104007
VirtualScopics CT-P6 3.2
MorphoSys AG/ICON MOR208C203
Parexel MK-3475-087
Parexel ACE-CL-006
Parexel ACE-CL-007
Abbvie M14011